Sentry Dogs Remembered
Army Dog Video Video called "Army Dog" from the Animal Planet. Watch interviews with several former dog handlers. Includes a scene where a squad of dog handlers board a duce and a half just like the one that we used. Nothing like sliding around in the back of a six wheel drive tactical vehicle with seven other dog handlers and seven other dogs in the dark and in the rain. Of course, its all good fun until someones muzzle comes off. To watch the video, cick the image.
John Burnham John Burnham, a former dog handler, got his start as a sentry doghandler in my old unit, the 267th Chemical Company. He later went on to serve as a Scout Dog Handler as well. In this video, he describes his experiences with Clipper, his Scout Dog. He does an excellent job describing the relationship between a working dog and its handler. He has also authored several books. In Dog Tags of Courage, he devotes a chapter to the Chemical Company. You can see his Amazon page here. To watch the video, cick the image.
DoD MWD Video While this twenty eight minute Department of Defense film focuses on Scout Dogs, it also presents information concerning Sentry, Tracker, and Mine Dogs. For example, at the 20 minute 55 second mark, it shows some shots of the USARPC (US Army Pacific Command) Basic Sentry Dog School where I trained during Spring of '70. To watch the video, cick the image.
DoD Veterinary Support Video This twenty three minute Department of Defense film focuses on Air Force Veterinary support. It also presents information concerning Sentry Dogs and the environment within which they lived and worked. In my platoon, had great support for the dogs. Each dog was considered invaluable. For example, while we regularly got fresh troops, we almost never got fresh dogs. A note, I was an Army rather than an Air Force Sentry Dog Handler. Though, our missions substantially similar. That is, wait until dark, go to the perimeter, do detection and warning. To watch the video, cick the image.
Thesis Title Page Thesis, in PDF format, done by Mary Kathleen Murray, LCDR, USN concerning Military Working Dogs during the Vietnam Era. Chapter 3 focuses on Sentry Dogs. There she writes:
"The process of training sentry dogs was not without its share of hazards. “In the early years, the dogs were trained as ‘attack’ dogs and were known to attack almost anything, including their handler.” It was considered a rite of passage for a sentry dog handler to suffer his first bite from his own dog. ... " To see the thesis, cick the image.